Who we are

At Apothacare Health Ltd, our goal is to provide not only premium grade Collagen but also an exemplary customer experience. Whether you purchase our product through our online store or elsewhere, we are constantly striving to ensure that every customer is well-informed and satisfied.
Apothacare Health Ltd was established by a pharmacist that used the exact same product and found it incredibly beneficial. Too many products on the market (creams, lotions, oils etc) just aren't able to deliver tangible results as they sit on the skin and are poorly absorbed and unable to enact long term noticeable results. 

Collagen As A Sport Supplement 

Dietary supplements like collagen are useful in improving health and supporting fitness and athletic performance. Researchers found that when combined with exercise with a post-workout collagen supplement, they built more muscle mass. Collagen is an important component of cartilage, the tissue that cushions and support joints. Reducing joint pain can improve fitness by allowing for more mobility and simply being able to work out and train.
You'll only enjoy premium Hydrolysed collagen and healthy ingredients that deliver the best results for your skin for both women and men. Our liquid collagen peptides have the highest absorption ratio possible because it's pre-digested and hydrolysed in a unique and proprietary liquid blend with natural enzymes before bottling.